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Girotonno 2020 Carloforte


Four days in culture, arts, food, wine, music and entertainment. The ancient tradition and culture of the tuna in a corner of paradise in Sulcis, in Carloforte, Sardinia.
Cus Cus Tabarchino


I carlofortini lo chiamano Cascà, è il cus cus il piatto che unisce il Mediterraneo. In programma a Carloforte una delle sagre della Sardegna dedicate ad un piatto tipico davvero particolare.
San Pietro Island


A beautiful corner of Sardinia from the Ligurian taste in a breathtaking natural environment. Carloforte is the only town on the east coast of San Pietro Island and has a number of scenic and historic features that make it very characteristic.
La Bobba beach

La Bobba beach

La Bobba is a beautiful beach of soft, white, and thin sand which stretches elegantly sinuous on the wild south-west coast of San Pietro Island at Le Colonne, 2.6 km away from the hotel. A small bay protected from the north winds embellished with dark dramatic cliffs on which are green leafy bushes of fragrant Mediterranean, boasts a fabulous turquoise/green, clear and incredibly transparent sea.
La Caletta beach

La Caletta

The Caletta (or Cala Spalmatore) beach is the longest beach on the west side of San Pietro Island. It is a beautiful beach of soft white sand fringed by a pleasant hillside dotted with green Mediterranean. The beach is bathed by a beautiful turquoise blue water, with sandy bottoms and sloping ideal for swimming and bathing.
Girin beach

Girin beach

Girin beach is on the southern side of San Pietro Island, near the homonymous town. The beach is characterized by its fine, white sand, lapped by the beautiful turquoise and transparent sea, with bottoms that slope gently toward the sea, ideal for children. The beach offers plenty of parking and a nice refreshment.
Columns of Carloforte

Columns of Carloforte

Rise of the sea as natural pillars of volcanic rock on the southern coast of San Pietro Island, in a place consists of headlands, coves and cliffs. On the origins of the Columns of Carloforte some legends tell of the sailors who were petrified for punishment.

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